We Are The Force

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Village Cinemas - The Mall



Powerful Branded Experience

At Event Plus, we believe that the key to a successful event lies in its creativity and attention to detail. That's why when Mondelēz tasked us with the design of their sales conference, we went above and beyond to create a truly unforgettable experience.

The "We are the Force" experience was a true showcase of our event design expertise. With 350 participants, the event took place at the impressive Village VMax Sphera theater, where we brought to life a powerful, branded cinema experience.

To fully engage and immerse participants, every detail of the event was carefully crafted and branded, from the cinema tickets to the lobby decoration, audio-visual material, and the “We are the force” water bottles and snacks. Mondelēz presenters took center stage, delivering their presentations like true movie stars and elevating the experience to new heights.

The "We are the Force" experience was a testament to the creative and detail-oriented approach of Event Plus. We always remain committed to offer event experiences that connect people and create lasting memories.


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Village Cinemas - The Mall

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