Terms of Use

  1. Introduction

The company under the trade name “Event Plus Travel Organization of Events Tourist Products S.A.” (ΕΒΕΝΤ ΠΛΑΣ ΤΡΑΒΕΛ ΔΙΟΡΓΑΝΩΣΗ ΕΚΔΗΛΩΣΕΩΝ ΤΟΥΡΙΣΤΙΚΩΝ ΠΡΟΙΟΝΤΩΝ ΑΝΩΝΥΜΗ ΕΤΑΙΡΕΙΑ) and the distinctive title “Event Plus Travel S.A.”, with registered offices in Kallithea of Attica (50 Praxitelous Str, 176 74) with tax number 998477542 (FAE Piraeus Tax Office) and registration number 007636201000, tel. +302111820920, +302111820950, e-mail: info@eventplus.gr (the “Company”), created and operates the website www.eventplus.gr (the “Website”).

  1. General Terms – Conditions for the use of the Website
  2. These terms and conditions shall apply to the use of the Website. Any user who uses and / or enters the Website (including, without limitation, by linking to the Website and/or downloading any Materials, as defined hereinbelow), registered user or not, and makes use of the pages and services of the Website (hereinafter referred to as the “User” or “you”) agrees that he / she has read and become aware of these terms of use of the Website, including the Privacy Policy set out below (collectively, the “Terms”) only by browsing the Website and consents and accepts such Terms unconditionally, without any exceptions. If a User does not agree with the content of all and/or part of these Terms, he / she must refrain from visiting and/or using the Website and the services provided. By using, entering and / or viewing the Website, the User agrees and acknowledges that the Terms constitute a binding and enforceable legal contract between the Company and the User.
  3. The Company reserves the right to modify, freely revise or occasionally update all and / or part of these Terms at its discretion and at any given time. If substantial changes are made, the Company reserves the right to inform the Users about these changes through the pages of the Website or by sending you a notification via e-mail.

3.1 The User may create an account by registering on the Website, through which he / she will be able to connect to the Website.

It is noted that the process of registering and creating an account on the Website, as described below, is optional.

3.2 In order to create an account on the Website and to connect thereto, the User must follow the instructions indicated online each time in order to register on the Website. More specifically, for the registration of a User as a member, the User will be required to enter the following information: name, surname, e-mail address and a secret password. Subsequently, by entering a User name (username) and a secret code (password) in the predefined fields of the Website, the User obtains secure access and connection with his / her account. Through his / her account, the User will be able to use as well as to have access to functions and services of the Website for which an account may be required, always in accordance with more specific terms and conditions, which are provided each time.

3.3 The User registered on the Website undertakes vis-à-vis the Company that he / she will use his / her account personally and will not allow any third party the access to it. The User is obliged to keep the information entered by him / her up to date and to ensure that the Company becomes aware in case of change of any information that has been entered. In any case, the User is responsible for ensuring the confidentiality of his / her account passwords and not disclosing them to any third party, and must immediately inform the Company by sending an email to info@eventplus.gr, if he / she notices the breach of confidentiality of the above passwords, otherwise the Company is not responsible for any possible use of his / her account by any third party, and the Company reserves its right to seek compensation for any damage it may suffer as a result therefrom.

3.4 In case the User wishes to request the cancellation of his / her account, he / she may contact with the Company, through the email stated during his / her registration, in the e-mail address info@eventplus.gr and submit a relevant request.

  1. In case you have any questions regarding the use of the Website and /or the creation of an account, you may contact the Company by phone at +302111820920, +302111820950 and / or by sending an e-mail to the e-mail address info@eventplus.gr.
  2. Limitation of Liability
  3. The Company has taken all appropriate organizational and technical measures for the proper and unimpeded operation of the Website (e.g. display of the contents of the web pages, categories, etc.). However, for reasons for which the Company is not liable the above may at some point be insufficient and the Company reserves the right to modify or discontinue, temporarily or permanently, the Website, with or without notice to the User. In this case, the Company does not provide any form of warranty in connection therewith and is not liable towards the User and /or any third party for any such modification, suspension, or discontinuance of: (a) the Websites, or (b) the materials presented on the Website (including contact information, links, publications, blogs, travel and conference information, medical, and scientific informational materials presented, other specialized content, documentation, data, related graphics, and other features as applicable) offered herein (collectively, the “Materials“) and the User acknowledges that he / she does not have any kind of claim against the Company for this reason.
  4. The Company states that the User is obliged to have the appropriate technical equipment for his / her browsing of the Website, as well as that his / her visit and browsing of the Website is possible exclusively on the basis of these Terms and with the use of the features that each time offered through it by the Company and in the exact way they are offered and the User accepts that he / she does not have any claim against the Company for this reason, even if the above have been offered by the Company itself. The Company declares that it is not liable vis-à-vis the User for the way of use and his / her general management of the information provided on the Website, as well as that it is not liable for any possible damage to the computer or any other device of the User or to the contents therein due to his / her visit and browsing the Website and the User accepts that he / she does not have any claim against the Company for the above reasons.
  5. Under no circumstances shall the Company be under civil or criminal liability for any damages (whether actual or special or incidental, which may include by way of indication, alternatively and / or cumulatively loss of profits, data, loss of earnings, monetary satisfaction, etc. and whether in an action of contract, negligence or other tortious action) to the User or a third-party for a reason related to the operation or non - operation and / or use of the Website and / or inability to provide services and / or information made available by him / her and / or any unauthorized third-party interventions in services and / or information made available through it, regardless of whether the Company or an authorized representative of the Company has been advised of the possibility of such damages, except if liability is mandatory in which event liability for damages shall be limited to the sums actually received by the Company from the User in connection with the Website.4. The Website and the Materials (including without limitation any content, data and information related thereto) is provided by the Company “AS IS” and “AS AVAILABLE”. We do not provide any guarantee or undertake any obligation of any nature, explicit or implied, regarding the information, content and material contained therein, including without limitation to warranties of title or non-infringement or implied warranties of use, merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose, including for successful or proper installation. The Company does not warrant that the Materials, services and information presented on the Website will be uninterrupted or error-free and does not warrant that the Website, the servers or the emails sent through it do not contain any viruses or other harmful elements. For this reason, when using the Website, you agree to use it at your own risk. The Company is not liable for any damages of any kind that may occur from the use of the Website including, but not limited to, direct, indirect, incidental, consequential damages.
  6. Links to other sites
  7. The Website may contain links to third party websites (third party providers, companies, etc.) or incorporate third party websites. These Terms do not apply to those websites or sites which are not under the control of the Company. The connection of the Website with these websites does not imply any approval and acceptance of the content of those websites by the Company. Any Company’s publication of information regarding third-party products or services does not constitute an endorsement regarding the suitability of such products or services or a warranty, representation or endorsement of such products or services either alone or in combination with any of the Company’s Materials. The Company reserves the right to terminate any link at any time. The User further agrees and acknowledges that the Company assumes no responsibility for the content, policies or practices of these websites or sites and that the Company shall not be responsible or liable, directly or indirectly, for any damage or loss caused or alleged to be caused by or in connection with use of or reliance on any such content, goods or services available on or through any such linked sites or resource.
  8. Intellectual Property Rights

The Company states that the Website, the service, the Materials and the content provided through them and / or individual parts thereof, including indicatively, the distinctive titles, trademarks, especially the trademark “Event Plus”, files, software, images, graphics, photos, drawings, texts, the design and presentation of the individual functions, etc. constitute the intellectual and / or industrial property of the Company and are protected under the relevant provisions of Greek law, European law and international conventions or constitute intellectual property of third parties for which the Company has been licensed for its own exclusive needs and for the operation of the online store. The User is expressly prohibited from proceeding with any commercial and / or financial exploitation of the above content of the Website or part thereof in any manner whatsoever and in particular, by way of indication, through actions such as reproduction, sale or export of data, copying, transferring or creating a derivative work based on this content or misleading the public about the actual online store provider. Reproduction, re-issue, upload, announcement, dissemination or transmission or any other use of the content in any manner whatsoever or medium for commercial or other purposes is permitted only further to the prior written consent of the Company or any other copyright holder. Only the personal use by the User of the Website or its categories and pages is permitted and always in accordance with these Terms without this use creating any form of intellectual and / or industrial property right against the Company in favor of the User. The names, images, logos and distinctive features listed and described in the Website or services of the Company or third parties are assets of the Company or third parties respectively protected by the relevant trademark laws. Their use in the Website does not in any way give permission or right to be used by the User.

The User states that he / she accepts and is obliged to refrain from any action that may infringe the intellectual and / or industrial property rights of the Company or any third party contractually associated with it.

  1. User’s Liability and Representations – Indemnification Clause
  2. The User agrees and undertakes to use the services, information and data of the Website, as provided by law and based on the rules of good faith and customary commercial practices. He / She must refrain from: 1. Sending, publishing, sending by e-mail or otherwise transmitting any content that is illegal for any reason whatsoever and causes unlawful insult and damage to the Company or any third-party or violates the confidentiality or privacy of any person’s information or other rights, or harvest or collect personally identifiable information about users without their express consent, including using any robot, spider, crawler, site search or retrieval application, or other manual or automatic device or process to retrieve index and/or data-mine information; 2. Sending, publishing, sending by e-mail or otherwise transmitting any content that infringes morals, social values, underage persons and generally using the Website and/or services, and/or Materials and / or any information contained therein or relating therefrom, for any illegal, immoral or unauthorized purpose, etc.; 3. Sending, publishing, sending by e-mail or otherwise transmitting any content regarding which the User has no right of transmission under the law or current contracts (such as inside information, proprietary and confidential information acquired or disclosed as part of working relations or covered by confidentiality agreements); 4. Copying, modifying, adapting, making available (whether publicly or not), translating, reversing engineering, decompiling, or disassembling any portion of the Website and/or services or the information which the Website contains in any way and /or creating a browser or border environment, or GUI around the Website (e.g. no “frames” are allowed); 5. Interfering with or disrupting the operation of the Website and/or services, or the servers or networks that host the Website or make the Materials available, or disobeying any laws or regulations or requirements, procedures, policies, or regulations of such servers or networks; 6. Sending, publishing, sending by e-mail or otherwise transmitting any content that violates any patent, trademark, trade secret, copyrights or other third-party proprietary rights, including any of the Company’s intellectual property (as defined below); 7. Sending, posting, sending by e-mail or otherwise transmitting and / or making available any material containing any software virus, “worm”, “Trojan horse”, “time bomb”, “web bug”, spyware or any other code, file or program that is malicious by nature or defective and may, or is designed and or intended to interrupt, damage, destroy any software or computer hardware and /or hijack the operation of any hardware, software, or telecommunications equipment, or any other actually or potentially harmful, disruptive, or invasive code or component; 8. Impersonating any person or entity or providing false personal information or business information, for the purpose of receiving the Materials provided in the Website or gaining unlawful access to it; 9. Falsely stating or otherwise misrepresenting his / her affiliation with any person or entity, including without limitation, with the Company, or expressing or implying that the Company endorses or is in any way affiliated with you as a User, your website, your business or any statement you make, or presenting false information about the Website; 10. Intentional or unintentional violation of any applicable laws or regulations; 11. Harassment of third parties in any manner whatsoever; 12. Collection or storage of personal data regarding other users; 13. Using the Website and/or Services, and/or any information contained therein or relating therefrom, for any commercial purposes.

The User’s failure to comply with the provisions set forth herein may result in the termination of his / her access to the Website and/or services and /or Materials and may expose him / her to civil and/or criminal liability.

  1. The User hereby represents and warrants, as a condition for using the Website, that (a) he / she will safeguard his / her account information and will supervise and be completely responsible for any use of his / her account by anyone other than the User; (b) he / she will provide true and accurate information and will not impersonate or provide a false identity and (c) he / she possesses the legal authority to enter into these Terms and to form a binding agreement under any applicable law, to use the Website in accordance with these Terms, and to fully perform his / her obligations hereunder and that the execution of these Terms does not and will not violate any other agreement to which he / she is bound or any law, rule, regulation, order or judgment to which the User is subject.
  2. The User hereby agrees to defend, indemnify and hold harmless the Company, its officers, directors, employees and agents, from and against any and all claims, damages, obligations, losses, liabilities, costs, debts, and expenses (including but not limited to attorney’s fees) arising from: (i) his / her use of the Website including for successful or proper installation; (ii) his / her violation of any term of these Terms and his / her violation of any third party right, including without limitation any intellectual property right, property right, privacy right or publicity right; and (iii) any damage of any sort, whether direct, indirect, special or consequential, he / she may cause to any third party with relation to the Website and/or the Materials.

It is noted that the aforementioned defense and indemnification obligation will survive these Terms.

  1. Special Provisions
  2. These Terms are governed by the relevant legislation and do not, and shall not be construed to create any relationship, partnership, joint venture, employer-employee, agency, or franchisor-franchisee relationship between the User and the Company.
  3. The Company, in its sole discretion, may terminate your use of the Website or any part thereof, at any time and for any reason, including, without limitation, if it believes that the User has violated or acted inconsistently with the letter or spirit of these Terms. The User hereby agrees that any termination of his / her access to the Website and/or services provided may be effected without prior notice. Upon termination of these Terms, the User’s right to use the Website and/or services will immediately cease. The User agrees and acknowledges that the Company shall not be liable to him / her or any third party for any termination of his / her access to the Website and/or services or any part thereof.
  4. In the event that any dispute arises from the application of these Terms, it is expressly agreed that the Greek law is applicable and in case an amicable settlement of the aforementioned dispute is not reached, the courts of the city of Athens, Greece are competent for its settlement.
  5. If any provision of these Terms is found to be unlawful, void, or for any reason unenforceable, then that provision will be deemed severable from these Terms and will not affect the validity and enforceability of any remaining provisions.
  6. No waiver by either party of any breach or default hereunder will be deemed to be a waiver of any preceding or subsequent breach or default. Any heading, caption or section title contained herein is inserted only as a matter of convenience, and in no way defines or explains any section or provision hereof.

These Terms were last updated on September, 23 2022.

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