road trip to leadership

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#the experience effect

a digital experience against the norms

designed & created for
Studio, Dior’s headquarters & retail stores



A vibrant, digital
road trip experience

On the road with Dior driving our unique branded vehicle to a vibrant, digital event experience. An exciting, creative, and interactive "ride" across unique Dior locations.
This road trip started with pre-production shootings at the Dior premises and moved to various retail stores. The finish line; a live streaming session from a studio in which the management team shared the company’s news.
The road trip concept blended with the video production, the sophisticated studio graphics, and the energetic audience participation creating a captivating and festive ambience throughout the conference. During this trip, 200 participants had the chance to see their colleagues, after months of remote work, and connect with each other through different interactive tools.

3 days of filming, 1 day studio

200 virtual & 10 physical participants

Studio, Dior’s headquarters and retail stores

Event Elements
Creative concept | Engagement strategy | Pre-production filming

Inspiring 200 associates by combining a meaningful content and high-end technology
Event Awards
2022: 1 Gold, 1 Silver, 1 Bronze

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