road trip to leadership

#the experience effect

driving towards excellence

designed & created for
Studio, Dior’s headquarters and retail stores



A hybrid road trip blending multiple
shootings & team participation

On the road with Dior, driving our virtual beetle to an amazing hybrid event experience. At pre-production, the blending of shooting in different locations (Dior premises, retail stores, studio), along with the participation of different team members on the road trip, made this hybrid experience very unique. Thanks to the sophisticated graphics we designed for the green studio, the talks and advice shared on career mentoring were even more insightful and inspiring. It all came together to one day live-streaming with 200 online participants & 10 Dior executives on board. And of course, it wouldn’t be an Event Plus experience with no blissful surprises, competitions, awards and a festive ambience. 


- 3 days of filming, 1 day studio

- 200 virtual & 10 physical participants

- Studio, Dior’s headquarters and retail stores

Event Elements
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- Inspiring 200 associates by combining a meaningful purpose and state-of-the-art technology

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