Friesland Campina

a hybrid delight

#the experience effect

intriguing flow

designed & created for
Friesland Campina



You can tell we love
a bit of a challenge

The annual trade conference of Friesland Campina Hellas was entirely designed, produced and delivered by Eventplus. We utilised cutting edge technology to evoke engagement for this digital event. In total, three different production teams worked consistently and meticulously on every detail of the 6-hour program’s flow, coordinating 35 speakers, live connections and the rotation of 23 virtual backgrounds, developed exclusively for the conference. The event was broadcast live from a green studio, while the 250 attendants had the opportunity to participate in fun quizzes with the help of an interactive platform. The Event Plus team responded professionally to the complex and demanding project of Friesland Campina Hellas, establishing yet another successful collaboration.

- 1 day

- 250 participants

- Studio

- Production of 23 virtual backgrounds| live streaming| specially designed content (videos, live quiz, 2D design)| engagement tools

- Produced a hybrid conference for 250 attendants and 35 speakers, featuring complex development of setting backgrounds

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