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amplified technology in a unique digital experience

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adidas SMM 22



“A” is for Awards
and also for adidas

adidas SMM event series is a 2 times awarded experience, since 2021 (Best Event Series, bronze award, Event Awards). For its ’22 implementation our challenge was to deliver it fully in digital format, due to Covid restrictions, while keeping strong brand consistency, high audience engagement and the overall vivid, adidas character.
Our challenge was to deliver a complex but vivid meeting, launching a new adidas collection, keeping the audience engaged while ensuring strong brand consistency.
One of the unique elements we designed and delivered to do so was the amplified use of technology to bring a 2D environment into 3D. After precise shootings in adidas premises followed by post-production work, we managed to bring different adidas showrooms online in high 3D quality. The Marketing presentations, the new collection launch, and the participation of Olympic gold medalist Miltos Tendoglou were all digitally broadcasted making every aspect of the event feel as if it was presented live.
For the event needs we have also prepared a custom designed virtual lobby, 30+ video presentations, various engagement tools, and coordinated 30 speakers to speak in a live broadcast to 200+ participants.
It was a very successful digital experience with high engagement rates winning the prize of “Best practice” for adidas Europe that continues the series legacy.


4 days

220 virtual participants


Event Elements
Groundbreaking technology | Brand consistency | Demanding event flow

A successful digital experience with high engagement rates | Best practice for adidas Europe
Event Series Past Awards
2 Bronze: Best Event Series & Brand Consistency, Best Fashion Event (2021)

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