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We never miss an opportunity to innovate so the annual, digital commercial conference for the Athenian Brewery was no exception. Aiming to captivate and engage the audience, we introduced in our concept design the twist of replacing the 31 company speakers with their animated avatars!
The 2-day digital experience took place in the special “Athineo” room, in company’s premises, which was transformed by our team for an uplifting, different commercial conference. The demanding event flow included: 31 speakers that for each and everyone we designed and developed innovative, custom animated avatars, 5 live connections, brand storytelling videos and lots of rehearsals. The event was all powered through high end technology and supported by our experienced team of managers, producers, director and technical crew.
The result? A powerful and disruptive digital event experience that captured the full attention of the 370 attendees and created high engagement rates. All by working together and creatively transform repeating company events to innovative new formats and ideas.

2 days

370 participants


Event Elements
Concept Design | Ιnnovative Avatar Technology
| Νew Experience Format

A remarkable experience powered by Athinaiki brewery’s partnership giving us room to showcase our digital expertise and meaningful innovation
Event Awards
2022: 1 Bronze

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