adidas SMM 23

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adidas SMM 23



Designing Inclusive Experiences
Pumped With Team Energy

Succeeding in making 400+ participants feel equally part of a hybrid event may sound impossible, but not for us at Event Plus. When adidas trusted us with designing their first hybrid, global event experience, after 2 years of COVID-19, we knew we had to bring our A-game.
Using creative scenography and impressive LED walls, we helped the adidas fashion show to take off and give all company presentations an impressive visual experience. Τo boost participant engagement,
we developed a revolutionary mobile app, especially designed for the event, which included live polls and quizzes.
Entertainment is never neglected at Event Plus experiences, so we brought in fiery music performances and a striking DJ set to pump up the energy. The cherry on the top was a second day packed with group activities and a BBQ night. Always a little extra something from our team for adidas.

2 days

112 live & 300 online participants


Event Elements
Advanced Audiovisual & Lighting Design | Creative Scenography
| Custom-Made Application
Designed a 2-day inclusive event experience for a large global audience
Event Awards
2022: 2 Silver

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