AEA Relate & la prairie

the cobalt night

#the experience effect

a multisensory escape

designed & created for
AEA Relate & la prairie
Athens Conservatoire



Three evenings dedicated
to 5 senses.

A cobalt blue-inspired evening awaited the audience at La Prairie's "Cobalt Night" at the Athens Conservatory, which was transformed especially for three nights and 75 guests. We welcomed the public into La Prairie's world. The experience began with the professionally trained reception area. We blended neon lighting installations, product displays, and soft blue lighting with the space's minimal aesthetics. Guests going through the branded steam curtain were directed to the presentation and dinner area. The scenery, decoration, thematic projections in blue cobalt colors, ambient music, the live violin show, as well as the custom-made menu. All combined to create an unforgettable multisensorial experience that touched the guests' 5 senses.

- 3 days

- 75 physical participants.

- Athens Conservatoire

- Advanced Lighting

- An immersive experience turned into a lifetime memory

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