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sense-awakening experience

designed & created for
Philip Morris International
Astypalea Island



Astypalea Smoke-Free
Island Experience

For the launch of the first global smoke-free island, our team was invited by Philip Morris International to design and produce a global media event.
Under the concept “Sharpen your senses. Open your mind. Prepare your body and spirit” we designed & delivered a multi-sensorial event experience in Astypalea island in Greece, for 60 named journalists from 12 countries, to deliver and portray the essence of the smoke-free island concept. This exclusive experience won 3 prizes in the Event Awards 2019, and remains a global, flagship event for our company.
Our guests lived the unique energy and authenticity of Astypalea while experiencing different sense-awakening activities: blind food tasting, mouth-watering local offerings, sea experiences, drumbeat rhythm and dances under the moonlight. Our client & host, Philip Morris International, sealed the event with a scenic press conference about the initiative to develop a smoke-free culture in Astypalea island.
With 360° event management services on international level, our team has also delivered on planning and offering first class hospitality services with the same passion & care as in everything we do.

2 days

60 international journalists

Astypalea Island

Event Elements
Concept Design | Scenic Media Event
| 360° Event Management

Turning a complex and demanding brief into an unforgettable experience for an international audience
3 Silver: Best Events | Thematical, Corporate Events, 5 Senses Star

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