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PMI Cyprus



Fasten your seatbelts
for a sense-awakening product launch

Can you really experience the unboxing feeling that takes you high through a screen? The entire team of PMI Cyprus actually did, thanks to our 2-day digital product launch, packaged with care by Event Plus. Included in the box were: A lifelike digital studio using cutting-edge 3D graphics developed in-house, delivered from a green box. Variety of speakers delivering interactive training sessions. Production of 7 videos to enhance presentations and vivid group games that maximized participant engagement. All of the package components were moderated by none-other than much loved comedian and host, Lambros Fisfis. A great example of how we utilize technology and creativity to deliver first-class experiences.

- 2 days

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- Studio

Event Elements
- 7 tailor-made videos| different speakers every day| fun interactive games| remote trainings

- Delivered a 2-day digital product launch showcasing our team’s tech expertise

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