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Digital Townhall 2021

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The 5 times awarded Kaizen Digital Townhouse is one of our milestone projects during the pandemic, when we all entered the global state of remote work.
It reflects our direct & immediate company transformation to digital, the high digital expertise build and it is a live proof how we relentlessly put creativity in every experience format we design.
This global, digital experience with 700+ international participants across 6 different time zones aimed to bring together #oneteam Kaizen to talk, interact, celebrate and live the company culture.
The concept experience that was delivered was highly complex with a 2-hour non-stop demanding flow, continuous  interaction among the host G Kapoutzidis, key note speakers, celebrity guests and audience is not a simple task when you are streaming a live event.
The experience content we designed to support the event had: a custom website, brand storytelling videos, a wall of fame with the 600 Kaizeners, studio animated design, many engagement tools and 330 prizes. A highly talented, technical & creative team of 39 experts ensured the seamless and engaging event result.

1 day

700 participants


Event Elements
Concept Design | On-going Live Broadcast & Streaming
| Global Audience | Demanding Flow

Delivering a global, digital, complex experience with the highest satisfaction & engagement rates

2 Gold: Best Event Series & Brand Consistency, Best Brand Engagement Event
1 Silver: Best Conference
2 Bronze: Best Pivot from Physical to Digital, Best Team Building & Employee Engagement

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