“Protagonistes” Commercial Conference

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designed & created for
Divani Apollo



I Can Do This
All Day

How can you excite and re-energize a passionate sales force at the last commercial conference of the year? You appoint them as protagonists in the concept design and you write a “script” that they will love.
“Protagonistes” idea was the umbrella-concept of Papastratos commercial 2-day conference, back to 2020, successfully deployed exploited in all event key sessions.
The venue selected was the magnificent Divani Apollo so our protagonists can immediately feel the spotlight on them. Hosts of the first day were the company people and for a special “Papastratos Next Protagonist Moment” judges, E. Christopoulou and D. Skoulos supported by the well-known presenter G. Lianos. Teams had a blast preparing for the for a photo shooting, using special props and costumes and competing with each other for the top 3 prizes. The day ended with a private party-night with the one and only Sakis Rouvas in an exclusive and captivating performance.
The conference experience also included a lot more team building activities, powerful workshops, talks, awards all designed by our creative teams and delivered with excellence and attention to detail throughout the 2 days conference.

2 days

700 participants

Divani Apollo

Event Elements
Concept Design | Team-building Experiences
| 360 Event Management

An energizing and team bonding commercial conference

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