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Channeling Passion
To #oneteam Kaizen!

You know Kaizen Gaming is truly passionate about its corporate culture, when they hold a series of events dedicated to their core values.To bring to life “Values Month” we created a 6-week digital, employee experience connecting #oneteam Kaizen, to channel energy and passion to participants, guests and speakers.
Our design approach focused on creating an immersive and playful experience leveraging high-end technology, a digital interactive lobby, custom branding elements and engagement tools. The challenge for our team was to keep the experience momentum during the weeks while we delivered a consistent brand storytelling. Our expert teams of event managers, planners, on-site director and highly experienced technicians produced a flawless, powerful experience.
The result was a sensation. Six hours of content featuring international key speakers, guests from the business and political world, custom designed videos and talks were released over the weeks. The experience gained top viewership and captive engagement, leading to an empowered #oneteam Kaizen.

6 weeks

800 participants

Kaizen Premises & Studio

Event Elements
Creative Concept | 6-Week Momentum
| High-End Technology | Engagement Tools

Successful audience captivation and consistent brand story-telling creating a strong digital, employee experience
Event Awards
2022: 2 Bronze

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