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Our team at Event Plus was proud to bring the ""Μαζί… Γίνεται" concept to life for FrieslandCampina's Conference at the beautiful Anassa City Events.

Every detail of the event was carefully planned and executed. The venue was fully transformed to fit the concept, with seamless branding, custom design, scenography and happenings.

The garden was highlighted with colorful, custom elements that aligned with our concept while the space's architecture, with its curves, wood, and white tones, perfectly conveyed the "Mother" character of our beloved NOYNOY. Outdoor highlight: the flying Friesland big balloon making its mark against the bright blue sky.

On the inside an impressive set up with LED walls and unique scenography showcased the significant presentations while one of the key moments of the day was the percussionists and dance show which marked the launch of two new products.

The presentations by FrieslandCampina team members were engaging and informative, and the overall atmosphere was one of excitement and collaboration.

We are delighted to have been a part of the “Μαζί... Γίνεται» Conference and excited for future projects with FrieslandCampina and beyond.

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Anassa City Events

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