adidas SMM 21

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adidas SMM 21



“A” is for Awards
and also for Adidas

Launching a new sports-attire collection online is difficult to say the least, but we’re pretty sure we aced it! Adidas’s marketing meeting was elevated to a 4-day digital happening thanks to Event Plus. Challenged by Covid restrictions in addition to demanding timeframes, we managed to turn 6 Adidas showrooms into set locations for product demonstrations, produce and edit 34 video presentations in-house as well as develop 3D background graphics, custom-made for the event. Let alone the coordination of rehearsals for 30 speakers. The broadcast involved a mix of pre-recorded presentations and live talks hosted by radio producer Lydia Papaioannou. Moreover we were joined by Olympic gold medalist Miltos Tendoglou, and audience participation reached a peak during the engaging group activities. We know our team has done a great job when we see a happy client, but we can be sure they’ve done amazing when we get awarded for it with a Bronze medal in the “Best fashion event” category.


- 2 days

- 220 virtual participants

- Studio

- 3D Elements

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