Royal Canin

high profile event

#the experience effect

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designed & created for
Royal Canin
Cape Sounio



Α heavenly experience for the reunion
of a high profile corporate team

“Divine” takes a different meaning when experiences take place in mythical locations that exude an Ancient Greek aura. Turned out that Royal Canin was after that exact same, heavenly experience for the reunion of a high-profile corporate team. The thematic event hosted by much-loved comedian Dimitris Makalias, where guests dined among Olympian Gods Zeus and Hera, was followed by a formal gala at Cape Sounio. On the next day of the 2-part encounter, our guests had the chance to set sail on the Prince de Neufchatel of 1812 yacht, an experience not to be missed. Blessed with calm sea waters, entertainment continued on board as well as under-water for those who were feeling brave.

- 2 days

- 20 physical participants

- Cape Sounio

- Yacht sailing
- Galla dinner

- An international team of 20 executives indulging in uncommon encounters

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