Athens Express Travel Agency

A Prestigious Evening

#the experience effect

victorious essence

designed & created for
Athens Express Travel Agency
Zappeion Megaron



Treated Like a Winner

A spectacular revival of the Ancient Greek spirit took place in the historic premise of Zappeion Megaron. Athens Express Travel Agency wanted to recognize its partners and team members on last year's results. Our team held a prestigious celebration dedicated to their triumphs, experiencing Ancient Greek aesthetics and values first-hand.
Our guests were surrounded by moving statues, moonlit by ambient lighting and dancing harmoniously to live-performed drum beats and musical sounds of the Ancient Greek era. The models also had the opportunity to feel Hellenistic artwork drawn onto their skin by professional body-painters, in the peristyle of the Zappeion.
Towards the end, the priestesses' performance, dressed in all-white tunics, under dramatic music and lighting, marked the program's finale. Every single detail played a fundamental role in providing the unique atmosphere that we had envisioned from the start.

1 day

150 participants

Zappeion Megaron
Event Elements
Unique Venue | Creative Conception
| Lighting Design

A multisensory experience counting on exclusively live performances, hosted in a historic venue

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