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Our flagship event experience to date. Reimagining a Greek island’s identity to become the first smoke-free destination, thanks to Papastratos. 60 noted journalists  from around the world discovered the new face of the island of Astypalaia. Upon arrival, guests jumped right into playful mode at Steno Beach Bar, with water activities followed by relaxing massages on the coast. Up next came Akti Restaurant, where our visitors indulged in a mixology tasting based on local ingredients, accompanied by fresh seafood, while enjoying the view of a castle. The morning after, everyone engaged in a yoga session by the sea, preparing themselves for a sense-awakening surprise. A blind food tasting event hosted by TV chef Sotiris Kontizas became the opportunity to come across more mouth-watering offerings from Astypalaia. Our guests later found out more about the initiative and the island’s zero-smoke culture through speakers from local authorities and Papastratos executives, during a tour and a press conference. Suddenly, drum-players appeared, and a set of windmills turned blue, grabbing everyone’s attention to the heart-stopping sounds. The night ended with both journalists and locals dancing as one to the drumbeats’ rhythm.

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- 60 journalists

- Astypalaia

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- Introduced a destination’s new vision on tourism and wellbeing to 60 international journalists over a 2 day travel experience

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