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Brandstorm Innovation Competition

L'Oréal Greece recently hosted its first-ever metaverse event during the innovation competition, Brandstorm. The event provided participants with a unique opportunity to explore the new frontiers of beauty through cutting-edge technologies such as AR, VR, AI, and metaverse experiences.

Our team was responsible for managing every aspect of the event and creating, in collaboration with L'Oréal Greece, a cutting-edge experience for participants and guests. Together, we transformed their premises into an immersive metaverse environment featuring stunning 3D constructions, playful prints, and captivating LED lighting in shades of purple and blue.

As part of our commitment to delivering a truly innovative event, Event Plus invited digital futurist Dimitris Dimitriadis to provide insight into how society, human relationships, and businesses will function in the next 50 years.

After the competition guests were invited to a lively cocktail party where they had the opportunity to network and exchange insights on the future of beauty and technology.

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L’Oréal premises

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