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In-Store Impact and Team Celebrations

Event Plus is delighted to support IQOS in-store activities. Throughout the year, we have been entrusted with executing a range of in-store campaigns and activations across the stores network.
Our team was responsible for all aspects from the initial planning and design to the execution and follow-up. Our services included a comprehensive approach, from developing creative concepts and designs, to producing promotional materials, decorating the stores and organizing consumer engagement events. Every time we worked closely with the IQOS team to ensure that all materials are aligned with the brand's strategy and aesthetics.

As the year was coming to a close, we were delighted to organise as well, an exclusive IQOS event for the team to celebrate their accomplishments of the year. From transforming the Syntagma Flagship store into a party venue, to arranging for the DJ, the bar and the delicious catering, we were dedicated to ensuring that the team had an unforgettable celebration. Highlight of the night, the 150 people group photo on the iconic Panepistimiou Avenue, which will be a lasting memory of the night.

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