AEA relate & Karcher

30 years non-stop heartbeat

#the experience effect

contemporary aura

designed & created for
AEA relate & Karcher
Vorres museum



30 years of lighting the way
for a cleaner world

For Karcher’s 30th anniversary in Greece, Eventplus held an experience focusing on the brand’s commitment to helping the world stay cleaner. We chose the Vorre Museum as the venue as it is distinguished by minimal aesthetics, clean lines and timeless architecture. The museum’s luminous setting combined with the ambient lighting worked wonders for showcasing the brand’s corporate identity. Karcher’s new product line was displayed like artwork for the guests to discover/ applaud. Additionally, installations of yellow-lit hearts were placed in prominent spots reminding everyone of Karcher’s vibrant spirit and their devotion to offering state-of-the-art cleaning solutions.

- 1 day

- ?

- Vorre museum

- Special lighting| Pulsing Karcher heart

- Identified and Blended key brand elements with the venue for a product launch with 60+ participants

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