AEA Relate & EZA

A press event, full of flavors and aromas

#the experience effect

the EZA authenticity

designed & created for
AEA Relate & EZA
EZA production premises Atalanti



Guided through a 30 year history
and unique Greek beer flavors and aromas

In partnership with AEA Relate, we have welcomed 30 journalists in an exclusive press event for EZA brewery. The event took place in their premises in Atalanti. Leveraging ambient lighting and visual brand storytelling, the team has shared secrets about the products' unique Mediterranean flavors and aromas. The unique beer recipes are crafted with "meraki" and authenticity for 30 years by the inspired and talented EZA people. Quests have experienced this authenticity by receiving hand-on knowledge on how beer is crafted with excellence through a guided tour in the production site. Last but not least, everyone had the chance to taste a signature cocktail, based on delicious EZA beer, created by the famous bar consultant Y. Korovesis.

- 1 day

- 30 physical participants

- EZA production premises Atalanti

- Advanced Lighting|Big Screen

- Journalists had the opportunity to understand on the spot how EZA brewery works

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