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Planting Seeds of Inclusion

Event Plus and Metropolitan DMC-Event Management joined forces for a memorable CSR team building event. Our goal was to renovate and revitalize the garden of Sikiaridion Foundation, creating a safe and nurturing space for children with autism.

The transformation journey began with meticulous site preparation and construction by Event Plus teams, setting the stage for the renovation day.

On this special day, the task was handed over to the guest company from Metropolitan, who passionately worked in 7 dedicated teams. With 110 people in action, they planted, dug, painted, and decorated, pouring their dedication and creativity into every aspect. The result? A breath taking, green oasis that nurtures growth and brings joy to the children.

The garden's inauguration was attended by the company representatives and the Foundation's director and marked a significant milestone in all parties shared commitment to creating positive change.

Together, we made a lasting impact! πŸŒΏπŸ’šπŸƒ

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