adidas FW23 SMM South Europe Brand Experience

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an amplified experience

designed & created for
InterContinental Athenaeum



Α State-Of-The-Art Event

When it comes to planning an adidas experience we only set the bar high. Our design for their latest FW23 SMM South Europe was a fully immersive Brand Experience that unfolded in 3 days, in 3 venues and 12 spaces for 340 guests. Simply put, a state-of-the-art event.

With impressive scenography and holistic branding applied to 50+ event elements, the main conference set-up stole the impressions immediately. An 18-meter stage with two 16 meter LED projections dominated the area, enhanced by spectacular lightning. Company representatives, a superstar football player, a dance group and 340 adidas participants gave life to the staging creating a fantastic ambience.

We did not stop there. We amplified the Experience out and about by creating amazing content, in 4 areas:
Engagement: custom mobile app, tailored gifts, specially developed cinematic photo booth
Surprise: special guest, dance team, Momix Cocktail show
Entertainment: parties, DJs, live performances
Facilitation: reception teams, specially designed work & lounge spaces, fitness sessions

From set-up to rehearsals, to the conference experience, the shows and the social events, it was a blast! We were happy to live once again the bursting adidas energy and create an experience that exceeded expectations.

3 days


InterContinental Athenaeum

Event Elements
Holistic Branding | Creative Scenography
| Experience Content

A complex regional event turned to an engaging and memorable experience

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