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Sailing for Adventure

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Team Building
Isla Brown



Sailing for Adventure

While everyone tried to beat the heat, Event Plus team knew just the perfect way to cool off! We headed to the beautiful sea to organize an exciting team building activity for 70 participants. Each team with its unique color set off on a journey of construction, design, decoration and sailing!

With creativity and teamwork in full swing, the 7 teams tested their skills to create a handmade raft. From engineering to execution, the beach came alive as teams worked together to build their rafts.

With the rafts completed and decorated, it was time for the big sail! The teams were invited to compete against each other in a speed race in the water. Half sailing, half swimming our sailors made it till the end and a winner was declared.

It was truly a day of bonding, laughter, and friendly competition, proving that teamwork, creativity, and a refreshing dip in the sea can create unforgettable memories.

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