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Multi-Purpose Hall, Syntagma Metro Station



A Great Initiative to Increase Awareness

Continuing a valued partnership, STRATCOM has once again entrusted Event Plus with organizing the Hellenic Thoracic Society's (Ελληνική Πνευμονολογική Εταιρεία) public initiative for World Pneumonia Day 2023.

The event 'Make a Stop! Get Informed about Pneumonia Prevention by the Experts' (Κάνε μια Στάση! Ενημερώσου για την πρόληψη της πνευμονίας από τους Ειδικούς), took place at Syntagma Metro Station's Multipurpose Hall. The Hellenic Thoracic Society's respiratory specialists were on hand, offering their expertise to educate the public on strategies for pneumonia prevention, and were met with a positive reception by the public.

This year's event was supported by Maria Tzobanaki, who generously lent her support, helping to highlight the importance of our health message. Her participation follows in the footsteps of last year's dedicated ambassador, Maria Polyzou, whose commitment to the cause was equally noteworthy.

For both years, Event Plus has expertly managed the design and execution of every aspect of this important initiative.

2 days (2023, 2022)

Journalists, TV channels, public

Multi-Purpose Hall, Syntagma Metro Station

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